Our ministry was founded with a mandate to equip, empower, encourage and eject God’s people into God’s purposes, locally, nationally and world wide.

We are already serving locally with Prayer Groups, Salvation Outreaches, Training Meetings, and Worship Services, speaking nationally, and serving abroad in Malawi, Tanzania, and Haiti with Salvation Campaigns, Microloans, Wells, Orphanages, Building projects and more.

We are called to love people and God. Wherever He wants us to go we will go; whatever He wants us to do we will do.

We desire to commit every breath, every step to Him.

Cynthia Biondi

Cynthia Biondi


We believe the true, original Gospel, as revealed and taught by Jesus Christ and His personally chosen apostles, and as preserved in the God-breathed New Testament. We believe and practice the Bible, as inspired and preserved in both the Old and New Testaments.

1.  We believe in one God, maker of all things, and in the Trinity..Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

2.  We believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God and became incarnate.  He was begotten by the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary.  He is true God and true man.

3.  We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and is our standard for faith and practice.

4.  We believe in the resurrection of the dead, eternal happiness of the saved, and eternal punishment of the lost.

5.  We believe in personal salvation of believers by grace, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

6.  We believe in the Blood of Jesus, that there is salvation, cleansing, healing, deliverance, protection, authority and victory.

7.  We believe in sanctification by the Blood of Jesus in personal holiness of heart and life, and in separation from the world’s desires and values.

8.  We believe in justification through faith in Jesus Christ by the blood of Jesus.

9.  We believe in divine healing through faith, and that healing is included in the atonement.

10.  We believe in water baptism as an identification with Jesus’ death, burial, and the resurrection to walk in the newness of life.

11.  We believe in the Baptism and Power of the Holy Spirit and the operation of the nine spiritual gifts.

12.  We believe in the Christian hope…the imminent personal return of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world.