What a blessing! What a privilege!

Going door to door today to share the love of Jesus we got to pray for a sweet gal who is struggling with her life as the enemy tries to steal her joy and drown her in a flood of guilt and sorrow.

“I think I need help,” she says.

Oh, precious girl, EVERYBODY needs His help! We need each other, beloved. We will be going back to love on her and disciple h…er as our Lord commands, but I am asking all who read this:

PLEASE! Do not let the enemy divide and conquer us/you! When we do not have a few folks to gather with to pray and fellowship, we are an easy target for the enemy. He is an old, sneaky, powerful foe! Lies and attacks on every front take down the solitary believer unless specifically called by the Holy Spirit to come away for brief times of solitary communion.

His blood covers EVERY sin; the bible shares some of the apostles failings to encourage us—Jesus forgives all!

Be sure not to forsake the gathering of yourselves together, the Bible admonishes, with other folks who totally love Jesus. For protection, correction, inspiration, and exhortation to follow Him ever more nearly, dearly, and clearly.