Get up!
The urgent voice of the Spirit echoed in my heart.
Groggily, I scooted down deeper in my blankets, but stuck my nose out, trying to peer through the mosquito netting surrounding my bed.
Huh? And go where, Lord? It wasn’t quite light on a cold (yes, cold!) African morning, at a new lodge we were trying out on our recent Malawi Miracle Mission.
The night watchman slept on the couch by the door; I’d seen him returning late one night (Oh, he was going to… be happy with my banging around in the dark).
Get up!
Ok, ok! Trying not to awaken my two roommates, I threw on a jacket and wrapped myself in a blanket and headed out. All was dark in the big lobby, two lumpy blanket forms stirred as I tiptoed to the door, then made a huge racket trying to get out of the four locks on the door.       So much for sneaking by….
Ok, now where? Circle the building. Can I? I don’t know anything about the back of the building…but off I went, obediently praying and singing in the Spirit, finding out there is quite a nice path all around the lodge (hey, there’s a basketball hoop and court in the back…interesting in a soccer playing country….)
Getting lighter and lighter as I circled and prayed, I could see my breath in the air. Hmmm…back home this July temperatures were triple digit…good time to be in Africa!!
Three mornings came the Call. Three mornings I had the privilege of walking and praying, led by the Holy Spirit.
It was not until the last few days that I understood what the Lord was doing. By that time, every single staff person in that lodge had either come with us to a service and dedicated their lives to Christ, or been baptized in the Holy Spirit, or set up a time to come to church with Pastor Thera—after Ramadan finished.
Yep, you read right. Even the young Muslim man. Beautiful Christian music now rang out of the kitchen. The young man who couldn’t leave his chair or smart phone, now hurried to get our bags.
I can’t wait to go back and see what God is doing in all their lives.
Thank You Lord. You are amazing, not willing that any should perish but that all should know Your salvation and love. Even if You have to change the atmosphere over a place to do it…