Acts 15: a mind-blowing, spirit-thrilling revelation!
“After this I will return
And rebuild David’s fallen tent.
Its ruins I will rebuild and I will restore it,
That the remnant of men may seek the Lord,
And all the Gentiles who bear My Name,
says the Lord, Who does these things
That have been known for ages.
This passage, quoted by James after Peter (vs 8) confirmed that God had accepted the gentiles who believed in Jesus by baptizing them in the Holy Spirit just like He had them (in power with visible signs accompanying), is referenced by Amos 9:11P&12.
I share this to build up and encourage by two powerful points:
1.  “After”… what??  In Amos 9:9, just prior to the reference, the Lord says He will shake the house of Israel (which includes those of us grafted in, as He mentions ALL His people in Vs 10), yet not a pebble will reach the ground (such mercy—though our teeth may chatter and our bones may clatter!!)  OK, those of us who are being shaken—REJOICE!!
2.  Why David’s tabernacle?  Not the original (Moses’s) or the grandest (Solomon’s)?  Looking at recreations of David’s tabernacle, the most glaring, most exciting omission in his tabernacle, alone, is the lack of a veil, separating the people from His Presence!
     That makes me think of one of the mighty signs that hit the world when Jesus died on the cross for us—the permanent rending of the veil in the temple by an unseen but immense power.
     In Acts 13:22 (reference 1 Sam 13:14) Paul quotes God’s declaration about David: “I have found David, son of Jesse, a man AFTER my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.”
     That the Lord would set this all up for us, redeem us, call us by His Name, accept us by giving us the Holy Spirit, and then encourage us to come to Him without a veil in between (nor other love—man, king, desire or distraction) is a mercy and privilege worth pondering.
     And protecting. Like David, may we be a people after His heart, alone.  Not building up our own kingdoms, or allowing the cares of the world or the deceitfulness of worldly riches to choke our love and devotion.  Let us press on, press through, and press to His wonderful Presence.  To worship at His throne, throw all we are and ever hope to be at His feet, pursuing Him—His face, His ways, His will—forevermore, and ever more.  Amen.