This is a shout-out of deep-felt gratitude to the pastors I am privileged to work with in Malawi, Africa, including the 4th Miracle Mission we just wrapped July 7th.

Many of these pastors have been to prestigious Bible schools along with other excellent education, as in the case of Bishop Thera, who has both a degree in Theology AND a Business Degree from excellent schools in Great Britain and the USA.

They are smart, visionary, focused, sacrificial, and humble. Their stories of miraculous guidance from God and personal and family sacrifice to follow His will and build His Kingdom is a constant source of inspiration for me.
The American church could learn a lot from these mighty heroes of the faith. Committed, selfless, and hard-working, I constantly see them preferring one another and supporting each other in exemplary unity. They are pastors, church-planters, evangelists, and family men and women. Like our Lord, they preach the Good News to the poor and work to set free the oppressed, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked.

And they are amazingly kind and supportive to those, like myself, who hear the Call to come help in any way we can. I am convinced that so many think my preaching—as well as other Westerners—is so great is because, by the time my brilliant interpreters are done, I have really said some good stuff!!

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for calling me to this wonderful country to work with such men and women of integrity and strength. Thank You for confirming our efforts with signs and wonders and thousands of healings and salvations.

And thank you, dear Bishop Thera, Pastors Mike and Charity, Francis and Mary, Salemone and Ophia, Foster and Stafford, and all the many pastors, wives, and leadership who organize, pray, fast, and travel long distances to support our Crusades and bring the Good News to every corner of Malawi and beyond.

I, my Teams, and the many corners of Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and more are in debt to you. To your call, passion, example and obedience to our Lord.
I can’t wait until the next time I am privileged to come to Malawi, to serve with you again.