Visiting the beautiful people of the Dowa District in Malawi, Africa, our Team thrilled to see the well serving 11 villages that God had allowed us to fund back in April 2013. We had provided the funds, Bishop Thera the expertise, and the villagers the muscle to hand dig the well. Twice.

Yes, twice. The first time, as they patiently waited for help for the cemen…t and pump, the first hole slowly fell in on itself. I don’t know how many others the Holy Spirit asked to help before us during that two years, but I will be eternally grateful that we got to be the ones to say, “Yes!!”. I will hide that blessed joy deep in my heart forever!

As we toured the well and laughed with the children, Bishop Thera motioned us over to a huge pile of hand-made bricks. This, he said, are the bricks that were made to build the orphan/child develpment building for the younsters who cannot make the 9 mile walk to school every day. Sadly, he pointed out how many bricks were gone from the original bunch, as hoped dimmed and the bricks were carted off for other projects.

We prayed over those bricks, asking the Lord to bring forth the provision to make these bricks into a building that would bless these villagers in multiple ways.

Days later, during our Salvation Campaign, these villages and more came to Christ by the hundreds. What joy!!

And weeks later, after we had come home, Bishop Thera emailed me that he had gone to visit, and these villagers, filled with Jesus’ love and faith, had begun to dig the foundation of the building!

I hit the carpet! We didn’t have a cent! We’d had several emergency food requests that had wiped out our account and were funding another well in Tanzania. But these new Christians, full of faith and love, were trusting in God and His people to come through for them.

Weeping before the Lord, I begged Him for the funds for these precious people. He did not disappoint!! We sent the final $1000 last week, and learned that the government found out what we are doing and are sending a teacher when the building is done (and it is almost done—got awesome pics today!)!! The favor of the Lord is upon His people—the very status of this area is changing!! Our God is on the move!