Luke 9:46-48 The disciples began to argue and became preoccupied over who would be the greatest one among them. Fully aware of their innermost thoughts, Jesus called a little child to his side and said to them, “If you tenderly care for this little child on my behalf, you are tenderly caring for me. And if you care for me, you are honoring my Father who sent me. For the one who is least important in your eyes is actually the most important one of all.”

Jesus was not talking to women. Or mothers. Or nannies. He was talking to full-grown men. And, ultimately, to us all.

We’ve got it wrong. In a world of ambition and self-promotion, of personal success-driven goals, identity confusion and motivational hype, we have lost it.

In the Kingdom we find our lives by losing them. Really. We serve the least over the most. We die to live, come in last to finish first, serve in order to lead.

He said it over and over again. And He didn’t say it would be those who taught the best (though that is a gift), cast out the most demons (though that is still certainly needed), or healed the most (even though He had just sent them all out to do that for several months).

The last shall be first. The first shall be last. The greatest of you will be the servants.


I know the world doesn’t function that way, But we are citizens first of the Kingdom of God. Bought with a awful, awe-inspiring price. Now forever His.

So, I’m re-committing myself, yet again, asking His powerful Holy Spirit to conform me to HIS image. Not the image of man, but the image of Christ. The ultimate Servant.

“That the Lamb may receive the reward for His sufferings.” Us.

Consecrated, sanctified. His imagers on earth. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Come, Lord Jesus. Come.